Sunday, November 7, 2010

It pays to be a right wing pundit!

Looking at the rankings, it seems to really pay to be a right wing pundit!
No wonder they back tax cuts for the wealthy -- here's what they make:

Rush Limbaugh $58.7 Million
Glenn Beck   $33Milion

Sean Hannity  $22 Million
Bill O’Reilly $ $20 Mil

Sarah Palin $14 Mill (I can see why she quit being governor, it doesn't compare to being on Fox)
Don Imus $11 Mil

Rudy Giuliani  $7 Mil
Newt Gingrich $5.5 Mil

There are some from the other side, but they don't really compare.

Here are the top progressive pundits:
Jon Stewart $15 Mil  (he's really a comedian, not sure if he counts)
Bill Clinton $7.7 Mil (former President makes less than a former candidate)
Keith Obermann $7.5 Mil

(For more on the list, pick up a November 8 Newsweek.)

Wow -- do you think they represent regular people?

All the best,