Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not all women are like that!

I was listening to morning drive time radio the other day and the female part of the duo was talking about her numerous coach purses.
I like her personality, she's usually amusing; but it started me thinking.
If you listen to programs like this and ads on TV and radio, you'd think American women are pushy, know-it-alls, and extremely materialistic.
Just listen to the ads.

And how many women really want numerous designer label purses? Really?

I happen to regard a purse as a necessary tool. It holds stuff that doesn't fit in your pocket.
You get a new one when the old one wears out or gets too dirty to clean.
If I could swing it, I wouldn't have a purse at all.

And lots of women I've talked to feel that way.
So if you like purses, great. If you don't, don't let TV and radio pressure you into thinking you do.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time Warp Politics

I think my mother would be puzzled by anyone that would vote for any of the current GOP candidates.

My mother was a devout Catholic and staunch Republican.  She loved children and opposed abortion rights.

But in her years working as a nurse and living as a compassionate person, she saw way too many women who never were allowed to reach their potential because they were imprisoned by their biology.  Children too early, too close together, too many -- all these impacted women's lives as well as their children's and husbands (though in some cases, the husbands vanished).

Though she taught us to have morals and self esteem, she was a big fan of contraceptives, realizing that prevention was necessary at times.  Contraceptives have allowed couples to both have careers and bring families into the world when it makes sense, not haphazardly.

To the best of my knowledge, Jesus didn't say anything about contraceptives -- they didn't exist in the form we have them today.  Isn't that like saying people shouldn't have heart surgery?  That wasn't mentioned either.  How about taking Viagra?  What do these time warp politicians have to say about that?

So back to my mother.  If she was here, I don't think she'd be voting Republican this year.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Question for the debates

I've got a question for the debates that hasn't been asked.   I'd really like to hear what they say on this one:

"What do you plan to do to help the 50 year olds who have been hardest hit by the last recession?  These individuals want to contribute and have skills and talents to do so, but have a rough time competing for jobs."  

Please be specific -- answering "loosen government regulations" or "lower taxes on business" will not be accepted.

Please comment if you have an idea that might work on this.