Sunday, June 9, 2013

Note to Starbucks: I'd like to drink my coffee in peace

Dear Starbucks,

I like your coffee.  I sticky buns and coffee, but I don't like guns and coffee!

I'm joining with Moms Demand Action members to ask you to institute corporate policies that promote gun sense.  

It is way too easy to pull a trigger on a loaded gun, and everyone is sorry afterward.  A mass murder in one of your stores would be a tragedy -- and also a PR nightmare for  you.  

Prevention is worth a pound of apologies.

As a valued community citizen, your company could play an important role in helping to stem the tide of gun violence.

Gun violence is not just a legislative issue: Companies and businesses can help create a culture that values gun safety. By not allowing guns in stores, your company would be making a crucial statement about how much you value your customers.

Please consider changing your current policies,

Respectfully yours, 


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