Monday, May 25, 2015

Holidays aren't holidays for everyone.

It's Memorial Day.  I remember it used to be a day most people had off, a day of family picnics and remembering veterans.  Grandpa would show us his medals. There was a parade with bands playing patriotic music.

Not so now.  Across the street, workers are pounding, finishing re-roofing a house.   Down the street, a landscaping crew is planting a row of trees for a homeowner.  People are lined up outside a popular restaurant, waiting to be served.

There are sales everywhere and people working retail and in auto dealerships are putting long hours, not having a picnic.

Switched on the news.  Saw a story about a lady leaving millions to her cat, people upset with this and that.  I would have enjoyed a story about a veteran, or someone that helps veterans.   Or a featured  parade.

Sure, we have a service oriented economy.
Did we take time to value those who have served?
Do we appreciate those who don't have the day off and are serving us in other ways?

What do you think?

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