Friday, August 14, 2015

Fair and Balanced -- An Outdated Concept?

I’ve noticed in my travels recently (Midwest and Eastern US) that there is a bias toward reactionary thinking, especially in rural areas. 

Here are some symptoms:

  • Bumper sticker on old Buick:  “King had a dream, we had a nightmare”  
  • Confederate flag flying on M-43 in Michigan  
  • Fox ‘News’ blasting in a corner of a restaurant in a small town, also in a fast food chain
  • Fox ‘News’ blasting on a flat screen in a Comfort Inn breakfast area

Are these related?

Maybe… the US has gotten more and more polarized in recent years, and it is a trend that has me worried.  It seems to have slowly gotten worse since the ‘fair and balanced’ rule was eliminated. reference

Would you agree that only stations that agree to report the news without bias should be called ‘news stations’?  Or if we cannot require broadcasters to be balanced, could we let the ones that try to do this add a special designation? 

What do you think?  
Does it both you to be subjected to Fox?  
Please comment and note places where have you seen Fox displayed as the only ‘news’ channel.  



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